Investment Styles and Capabilities

  • Behringer offers a variety of investment programs that generally represent a core, value-added, or opportunistic strategy.

    To meet our clients' objectives, we leverage our capabilities and services to provide:

    • Investments in all quadrants
    • Investments that are domestic and global
    • Investments across all property sectors
    • Investments in all investment styles
    • Investments that leverage our in-house expertise or best-in-class providers

  • Our Strategies


    • Conservative risk
    • Long-term holding (8–12 years)
    • Objectives: Current income and capital preservation


    • Moderately increased risk
    • Mid-term holding (5–8 years)
    • Objective: Capital appreciation


    • Higher risk
    • Short-term holding (3–5 years)
    • Objective: Significant value creation