From Our Founder

  • Dear Guest,

    In 2001 we formed Behringer Harvard, opening the door for a wide range of investors to invest in commercial real estate. As we have expanded our role as an alternative investment enterprise, I am proud of the company’s increased capacity to deliver investment programs targeting portfolio diversification, income, and capital appreciation.

    I started the company after a series of entrepreneurial ventures beginning in 1989 with Behringer Partners. I’ve had the good fortune to be a part of the investment industry for 35 years, and have worked alongside great talent to continuously take our company to the next level.

    Today Behringer represents an entrepreneurial spirit and a management team with experience across a growing investment platform. As founder and an owner of the company, it is with great enthusiasm and excitement that I look forward to seeing where we go next.

    Thank you for visiting our website and I trust you will find valuable information to help you learn more about our company.

    Robert M. Behringer
    Founder and Chairman Emeritus